"Moose gets so excited about the simplest things in life."

My boyfriend and I knew we wanted a mini goldendoodle. We picked Moose out when we was only 5 weeks old. All of the pups were beyond adorable, but something about Moose just drew us to him. 

The feeling of happiness and companionship that Moose gives to me is one that I haven't experienced before - since I have never had a dog; it's a really special experience to have with another living creature, one that depends and relies on me. 

Moose snuggles with me on the couch for a "Real Housewives" marathon, which is usually what makes me feel better after a long day. I love starting and ending my day with Moose kisses and he forces me to get outside more often! ​To Moose, my boyfriend and I are his world. He gets so excited about the simplest things in life." 

-Mileen, Puppy Mama in San Francisco, CA @moosetheminidoodle