"Olive and Lena completed our family."

My two dogs help me in so many ways! They help me be more social - I have made good friends through them and meet many people at dog parks and through their Instagram account. 

Olive & Lena help me stay active, because when they give me those puppy eyes that are begging to be played with or walked, I can’t turn them down! 

They also make me feel better when I’ve had a bad day and have shown me what unconditional love is." 

Life before Olive & Lena: 
"To be honest, I can’t remember what life was like without my doodles and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They completed our family. 

Lena will be 4 this year and we’ve only had Olive for 5 months and we can’t wait for the many adventures ahead with them!"

-Abby Fleischman, Puppy Mama and Olive & Lena, the goldendoodles in Minooka, IL @olivelenadoodle