The Power of the Puppy Mama Community

After numerous years struggling to overcome a painful illness incurred during my military service, I met an angel who helped me survive the most difficult year of my life. Despite all of the obstacles I have had to overcome throughout the years, battling PTSD was my Everest. 

Waffles, a 13-pound ball of furry puppy happiness, was there every moment to help me get through significant pain. She comforted me when I needed it most, and never failed to put a smile on my face. Her love is contagious - she spreads laughter and happiness to anyone she meets. And, she reminds me every day to embrace life and search for love and joy. 

The unconditional love and companionship gifted to me from my angel Waffles became not only a powerful form of healing, but also became my connection back to community. While with Waffles, every interaction we have together with other people is positive and joyful. Through Waffles, I learned how powerful building a pawsitive community could be for others... Waffles inspired me to start this loving and compassionate community. 

A year later, we’ve shared over 500 of your stories. Thank you all for your bravery to open up so courageously. Your stories warm our hearts and continue to prove that our pups are truly special and have the ability to heal such deep pain. Thank you." 

-Theresa Piasta, Founder of Puppy Mama 

photo credit: Samba to the Sea