Paulie The Pomeranian

Paulie is super energetic and busy ALL THE TIME. She has kept me moving and busy since we got her. I'm never alone at home because Paulie is always checking out what I'm doing, but I don't mind having such a cute shadow following me! I am SUPER lucky to have this sweet girl in my life."

Life before Paulie:
"The year before we got Paulie was sad for my family because we were adjusting to life without our first dog, who had nasal cancer. The house felt quiet and lonely. That changed the second we got Paulie. Although I still get sad thinking about our other dog, Ikaika, Paulie has definitely brightened our home back up, and I'm so thankful to have her with us!"

-Kiana Matsuda, Puppy Mama and Paulie, the pomeranian in Montebello, CA @pompaulie