Theo - One Special Dood

Theodore is a light to my life, we always have more fun when he is around! I have a fear of flying and every flight I bring him on he is always so calm and snuggly and makes it so much more endurable for me! He always is there tail wagging an all, when I’ve had a hard day to make me smile! And where would I be without my little fluff ball on our daily walks to Starbucks 😆😘😍.”

Life before Theo
"I’ve always grown up with dogs, and I didn’t want to live life without one after moving out of my parents house. Life was soooo boring before Theo came along! I knew his calm personality was a perfect fit for me!!!"

- Aundrea Mills, Puppy Mama and Theo, the mini goldendoodle in Corona Del Mar, CA @thedoodtheo