Raising Bruce the Dood

My husband and I have had a challenging year. We have wanted to expand our family and have always wanted a pup. Bruce is everything we had hoped for and more. He is sweet and curious, playful and silly, and incredibly smart. Bruce has helped me slow down and be more patient.

He is young, still learning and looks to us for guidance. Caring for him and teaching him the ways of the world have brought my husband and me even closer. Bruce is the very best addition to our little family - he makes us smile and laugh every single day. I love him with all of my heart and am so proud to be his mama!"

Life before Bruce
“Before Bruce, we used to say ‘hi’ to the pups in the dog park, wishing we had one of our own. Now we do! Bruce has helped get us out of our routine and meet new friends, two and four legged. He is very social, so we try to get him to playgroups and on play dates as much as we can.

He's also forced us (in the best way possible) to find dog friendly places in the city. The puppy and doodle communities in NYC (and on instagram!) have been so welcoming and helpful and we are so grateful!"

-Nora Massey, Puppy Mama and Bruce, the  in New York, NY @the.dood.bruce