Help Save Leila

Unfortunately, we just heard devastating news that angel Leila passed away this morning. Please keep Leila and her mama Zuri in your thoughts and prayers.

"My name is Zuri. I am reaching out to you because I am in desperate need to find help for my American bulldog Leila. Leila has been battling mast cell tumor growths for the past couple of years. She endured both surgeries she had. The last one she had was in July and she was doing great. Her skin cleared up so we were extremely happy. Two weeks ago I noticed a decrease in weight loss so we went to the vet. Vet asked me just to continue to monitor her and prescribed an antibiotic. 

A few days later, a few growths reappeared and I still felt uneasy because a mom knows when her baby isn't well. So I took her back, this time they did a X-ray in which they saw that she had abnormalities, but couldn't quite see what it was — indications of possible pneumonia infection, enlarged heart, but were uncertain and gave more antibiotics to try to target the disease as well as to try to shrink the growths. They did an aspiration exam and did not see any cancerous cells on these. 
A couple days later, after I started the medications, I noticed my baby started to breathe abnormally so I called our vet.  The vet sent our X-rays to be examined by a radiologist at no cost which I am extremely grateful for. Radiologist diagnosed pneumonia and the possibility of heartworm disease. The heart worms were confirmed with an exam. I was advised to continue giving Leila antibiotics, reduce the prednisone as it can sometimes cause panting, feed her high caloric food to get her to gain weight and keep an eye on her.
After, they would target the heart worms. The very next day, Leila's breathing worsened. I didn't sleep knowing my baby was not okay. I kept doubting everything. I was afraid that maybe the medicines were harming her. I didn't understand anything. I felt helpless, ignorant and upset. So I kept praying to God to give me understanding and wisdom on how to act and help my baby and at the same time comforting her.
On Monday, I tried taking her to her vet because of the lack of financial ability I have. We used up the care credit and credit cards  going back and forth to the vet in hopes of trying to figure out what was wrong with her. Finally we made it to Gulf Coast veterinary specialist and were immediately admitted. Leilas gums were turning purple and she could not breath.
Leila has severe pneumonia and possible blood clots that formed in her lungs. 
I gave up my full time employment in order to become a full time student at the University of Houston. The teaching and learning program requires full commitment. I do side jobs of cleaning homes when available and I also work on Fridays at an elementary school to make ends meet. I am now in the final phase of my career. I used the remainder of my student loan as a down payment in order for Leila to be able to receive oxygen and begin treatment. Although we had to decline some of the diagnostics exams to target actual treatment, it is still a hefty amount. I don't even want to imagine having to euthanize my little girl. I am in desperate need of a miracle. I want to be able to provide leila with an opportunity to fight for her life. She is my companion my best friend.  I understand I was told that it is really up to Leila to overcome this situation, but when I sit there with her, I know she is still fighting. She's a fighter. She still has spirit.
She started eating again. She wags her tail. It's just a feeling only a mom understands when she feels her baby is not ready to give up. I've pushed hard lately trying to come up with the necessary funds. I've opened up a GoFundMe for Leila but I don't know very many people.
I pleading if you could please help me share my GoFundMe page, I will forever be grateful and humbled by your kindness. I am in no way good with my words so I apologize for that.
Leila is my world. Thank you so much for your time and attention and may God bless the generous work you do. 
Zurissaddai Garcia”