"Help Us Save Gravy" – Melody

Gravy Benitez AMAZING UPDATE: Gravy went home and is now doing much better! Thank you everyone for your generosity, prayers and support!


When we received a note today on our @puppy.mama Instagram page from a friend of Gravy's mom, Melody, we wanted to help spread the word as soon as possible. 

Gravy is only 4-months old and he drastically needs our help. He's been on 24/7 oxygen support for days, and the bills are adding up.

  Gravy's GoFundMe   

From spreading the word to donating to his GoFundMe page, there are many ways to help Gravy live. Please help us help Gravy!


From Gravy's mama:

"Hello! I’m Gravy’s mom! My friend just reached out to me and told me you guys are willing to help. I’m so thankful, I don’t even know where to start.

Gravy Benitez

Gravy Benitez is a 4-mo old whippet puppy; we got him as an emotional support animal after a recent battle with cancer (which I overcame) last year. He was living a perfectly happy life when he suddenly developed non-cardiac pulmonary edema – which doctors are saying could’ve been from anything (from throwing up and aspirating, from being excited while playing and drinking water too fast and choking; there’s no way to find out.)

We thought he was teething on Wednesday (25 September) because he wasn’t his normal playful self, but when his breathing became labored, we rushed him to the vet. Prior to this, he had been to the vet 3 times and he has had stellar health, so this was a shock.

Gravy Benitez

The vets have him on 24/7 oxygen support, oral medicines (because it keeps the cost down) and observation. He has been improving, but every dog is different and there is no way to 'hurry' this process.

The important thing is, he is IMPROVING. The vet bills have been just under $2k per 24hrs and that is why we have started this campaign. Because we know he is getting better and don’t want to euthanize him due to financial restraints when he CAN be saved if given time in oxygen to continue to build his breathing back. The doctors suggested we start this campaign as we are ALL so invested in his recovery.

Gravy Benitez

I visit him 2x a day, and I haven’t gone back to school because I cannot fathom something happening and me not being able to be there for him. We have maxed out all of our credit cards, care credit card and have contacted every possible local organization for help with no luck.

We need and want desperately to give Gravy a fighting chance." – Melody, Oakland, CA


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