Kristine Karaman | Puppy Mama Top Ambassador

Top Puppy Mama Ambassador Kristine Karaman

City: San Francisco, CA
Angel Pup: TiCo
Instagram:  @kkaraman

Why do you enjoy being a Puppy Mama Ambassador?

"It's simple. I have met the most fabulous people being connected - because of my pup - through this loving community. I take every opportunity I can to have an enthusiastic, fun and engaging conversation about dogs and building a healthy, happy community. When I share the Puppy Mama mission of intertwining the two, everyone quickly smiles and gets on board! I may be sporting a cute Puppy Mama sweatshirt, walking my suuuuper cute 8-yr-old Cavalier King Charles TiCo or sharing the PM goals with my colleagues...

I continue to hear Maya Angelo in my head 'We are more alike, my friends than we are unalike'. This means that by having this little guy in my life to snuggle, and keep safe I have a reason to find similarities vs differences with those I meet. I can build a broader foundation for my community and ultimately help others find that same foundation, smile and safety." 

Why are you passionate about Puppy Mama's mission? 

"Firstly, I completely love my perfect pup TiCo. Every day for the past 8 years, he wakes me up in the morning with as much joy as the day I met him. He is my bf, has a multitude of nicknames, makes me smile when I'm not, calms me with one look, energizes me to be caring and grateful. 

Additionally, I've met and enhanced my community because he's my sidekick. I met Theresa and Waffles via another community connection and immediately wanted to get on board the Puppy Mama mission, and further increase inclusion of our 4-legged bfs in our communities starting here in SF. I've also become aware of the emotional support needs of American female veterans. What a difference some puppy love and community friendships will make in the long process of healing and treating their illnesses."

Tell us more about TiCo. How does he help you?

"As a first time dog owner, I had no clue how much folks love their pets. When I heard, 'they are like my child' I could not understand. Immediately upon meeting TiCo, an adorable Cavalier, I understood and I've been infatuated with him since 2010. 

TiCo is my unwavering, side-kick. Whether I'm walking, drinking wine, working out or watching TV my buddy is here. TiCo has many nick names and responds to all of them. In fact, his human cousins love calling him by his string of names. Oddly, they often greet him before me...hmmm. More than a buddy, TiCo is my non-verbal therapist. He gives me the look when I'm loud, triggering me to correct my reaction. He snuggles me when times are tough and smiles as big as the sun when it's time for a simple treat. Our deal is simple too. I love him. He loves me back."

Have you enjoyed helping Puppy Mama launch Bay Area events?  

"I love to join and help organize the Puppy Mama events because Theresa Piasta, our CEO and Founder, is amazingly creative and so much fun to be around! Additionally, I meet all types of dog lovers, wine and fitness enthusiasts who also love SF!  Dressing up in SF is a 'thing' and we embrace it whenever possible. 

2018 is Year of the Dog and we took that seriously kicking off our first of many walks down The EmBARKadero. Being featured in SF Chronicle was a plus to kick off the year! The entire crew posed for photos, paraded and partook in some pints at the end of our walk. We will be looking for more lovely establishments who welcome dogs and dog lovers across The Bay. In fact I'd bet your city would be purrrfect for a pawsome Puppy Mama activity, too!" 

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